Once upon a time…

People kissing in the rain
Eyes Open
Cut to water in your shower
TV switching on…white noise
Flick to some one surfing
Submerged in water
The sunshine on a field
And people eating ice pops
Playing the guitar
Playing football
The streets of some valley.
Out the door and in the world
The noise, the pollution, the clamour
People smile back – she smiles at them
She was taught how easy it is to smile
Hiding behind a lap top
On a bus journey home
Birds in flight
Imagining conversations like
We met on a warm October night
Many years ago.
Come home and greet the person you love                                                                                                                                                   Watch some reality show with them
Get ready to go out
Stare in the mirror
Wonder what you are doing with your life
Laugh in a room at the way it all turned out
Look at a picture and put it back
Pretend like every thing is okay and
Keep dreaming of when
Your real life is going to begin.
Look up at the stars
Never land – lying back on a trampoline
Cry and then pretend
Like everything is okay again
But all the time thinking
Will anyone here, hear?


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