Politician Imran Khan is not a pretty sight!

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: A movie about Imran Khan's choice subject.

Of course the value of a human life has always been in the eye of the beholder. Now I’m no mathematician but I can put two and two together and the less you value others, the more you drop in other people’s eyes and how the mighty continue in their fall from grace. Imran Khan’s most recent statement against the value of a prostitute has not had enough measure for measure.

As a man who holds great weight with the masses of Pakistan – if only for his cricket and not his politic until more recently I am shocked at his display of total disregard. Imran Khan says, ‘a prostitute has no ‘honour’ which is why no one respects her.

His view is on the matter is one of complete and utter disrespect. Anything that can rile up society either way needs to be treated with utmost care. As it stands, because he is a man in such a position he must exercise freedom of speech wisely and for the progression of society and civil rest.

I love that sentiment – freedom of speech. It covers a manner of all sins. Well then let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. If a national hero openly condemns a minority what does it mean for society? Well sadly despite what we think none of us are better than anyone and if you think you are, then ask yourself this, how long before Imran Khan judges and condemn your social group?

Throughout history we have seen ‘society’ as defined by social norms incarcerate countless individuals and groups based on gender, colour, cast, creed, class and faith. It has led to countless assassinations and mass murder. One statement today is a small cry between verbal slander and an all out genocide. If we don’t speak up now we allow it to happen – we are apathetic and we will answer eventually.

So in our world’s darkest social hour – what will you say you did? Choose a side based on humanity, on tolerance and on compassion. If you can do that then you have won the right to your soul and we are all so desperately clinging on to our souls by a single hair. If we must disagree – then the very least we can do is to do so lovingly.

Freedom of speech does not give us the right to pass judgement because otherwise we’re lost. We’re absolutely lost and damn us, damn us all. How many of us know the fourteen-hundred-year-old story of the woman who saved a dying dog by quenching his thirst and thus saved her soul? Imran Khan would do well to remember that story too.


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