Veena Malik President for Pakistan… yes please!

Having finally seen the clip of Veena Malik sticking it to the Mufti Sahab on television I understand why she has been declared a bit of a national heroine and not just on Facebook to say the least – where there is now a group called “Veena Malik for President of Pakistan.” The clip has also been shown internationally and she has been applauded for her courage.

Eyes ablaze she shames and boom booms the Mufti Sahab into utter silence as she makes many crucial points. Quoting the English transcript she says, “If you want to do something for the glory of Islam – you have plenty of opportunities! What are the politicians doing? Bribery, robbery, theft and killing in the name of Islam! There are many things to talk about, why Veena Malik? Because Veena Malik is a woman… because Veena Malik is a soft target for you… There are many other things for you to deal with… There are Islamic clerics who rape the children they teach in their mosques!”

Move over Fatima Bhutto. Veena Malik has declared something in the name of women (and people) all over the world who are verbally or physically persecuted under such regimes. Veena Malik has made it clear that she most certainly is neither a soft target nor a victim for the Mufti persecutors. Watching her flourish on the Facebook group “Veena Malik For President of Pakistan” is aspiring to say the least.

As a human, as a woman and as a Pakistani I’m 100% behind her and truly inspired by her courage to defend and stand-up not only for herself but the potent message she is now carrying. It is this bravery that the members of the Facebook group “Veena Malik for President of Pakistan” are rallying around – and it will be interesting to see how this campaign unfolds with the elections a while way yet.

The creator of the group says, “The whole purpose of creating the group is to provide awareness of the patriarchal and misogynistic narratives embedded in the culture which are falsely “santified” through religious edicts and telling the story through one person taking a stand and holding ground.”

Veena Malik’s next public address should be on the subject of Female leaders, feminism and Islam. As bigoted Mullah’s on the prowl try to stamp out any ideas of that – Veena Malik skillfully shows you can wear bras and burn anyone who tries to subjugate you.

Now that they’ve taken out Osama Bin Laden, and with Veena Malik as our chief commander, I hope the next jihad mission is going to be female, pro-humanity and compassionate. Watch as women take back the power with their words instead of swords. As for the Mullahs – what the hell, we’ll just wave our bras at them, eyes down please!


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