With love, Palestine

It’s not even easy to sit at your screen and stare,
Say that you do but you don’t really care,
And if we are dead long before our time,
Will you remember me? Will you remember Palestine?
And yet to get your news channel what is it you pay?
What is the cost of not seeing what we go through each day?
You don’t know the value of a poor man’s life,
You forget so easily the face of his wife,
The widow of that son is the daughter of a father,
Married to a broken hearted mother,
That is unable to give her baby any water,
Behind the scenes is that child with tears in his eyes,
Your cable company ensured you got a good price,
Once you’ve done your bit by sighing at the bombs,
It is crying shame but “honey see what else is on”
If I were a celebrity my faith would get me out of here,
As it is I’m still waiting for people to address I’m here,
There are so many people talking about trying to help me,
But not as much as Cheryl Cole and if her new hair is pretty,
You have some days when you step out the door,
Wondering if there will be anything to come back to at all,
But I’m the story that seals a journalist’s book deal,
Those black and white words that sell a broadsheet,
I’m captured in an award-winning picture of pain,
If I’m really lucky I’ll be on some wall of fame,
I wonder what I would do if things were the other way,
I like to think at the very least I would stop and pray,
I wouldn’t sit on my couch and say but what can we do?
I would get up and ask what can I do for you,
You are mistaken if you think I think my enemy is the Jew,
He is as much of a brother to me as are you,
My struggle is not just against the forces that oppress me,
It is also against the people that ignore my agony,
It’s my will to live that denies my right,
To ask why every US president refuses to condone my plight,
I know it’s nothing but a great big white lie,
That you won’t stand up and say we don’t deserve to die,
I’m a voice whispering in the wind without tears tonight,
With love, Palestine.

Bethlehem: My sister stands at the Apartheid Wall, July 2011.

This poem is dedicated to my younger sister, whom I wish the best of luck with her peace mission in Palestine. I pray for the safety of the lives of the people you will touch, beyond that and of course for you. 


4 thoughts on “With love, Palestine

  1. brought tears and schivers. as you’ve also stated, we’re all numb, so there’s hardly anything that does that these days. beautifully written.

    P.S. I just discovered this blog. Will go thru some other entries but if you’ve written more poems, please guide me where to look. would love to read more.

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