The beats of the sea – the pulse of the moon – the breath of the stars – the opening lines of the sun.

The beats of the sea – the pulse of the moon – the breath of the stars – the opening lines of the sun… wrote a story for us a long time ago.

The universe with its grand plan for us has seeped into me slowly.

First it seeped into my skin and left a residue easily mopped up with cloth. Those were the days you sat on the beach and stared into the waves and the horizons were a place to dance upon. There was beauty in the beats.

Then came the tissues of my being, through this the universe flowed through me – my veins became the vessel for a passage of my time here. It’s been a long time – but still it pulses through me, reminding me to live… each pulse, each moment is as much mine as the tide belongs to the moon.

The stars can tease you… we only just see them, light years away they are already dead. You still faint… you still see fireflies in the skies. Remember when you thought shooting stars made wishes come true, to catch those falling stars… those constellations exploding in our mind where common sense should have been. Deep inhalations can calm even the grandest head rush… temporarily.

The seepage will not stop there… and then it comes to the bones that held me up, my marrow sings a tune to the sun. And what about the sun and each new day it brings? The universe has seeped into my day.

What does that sunrise say to you each morning, as you prize yourself out of your bed and leave the warmth of the duvet and on into the cold, into the hot shower, into the momentary salvation of the hot cup of tea or coffee…

Because it’s in the mundane that we find ourselves or lose ourselves. On the back of cereal boxes – we are compounded like dried out wheat. It could be as simple as a song on a radio advert or as profound as a billboard on the way to work.

And here we are… desperate to learn about the sun, the sea, the moon and the stars and we’ll go. Those of us who dare will go, we’ll forsake it all and we’ll come back unable to integrate once again. To relate. To make a connection with something more than just the universe. How about a real human being for a change?

How about looking at that horizon and not having to think about philosophy? Maybe just having your heart beat not for the sea but another person?   Feeling your pulse come to life because of a person? And how about starting each new day… not to the opening lines of the sun, but to the words of someone you love? And how about someone to just look at the stars with and have your breath taken away because you’re with them?

The beats of sea… the pulse of the moon… the breath of the stars and the opening lines of the sun… somebody take my place, because if I never see another sun it’ll be too soon.


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