A Canadian Fall

It’s been a while, but I had to you write today, it was raining as I left Toronto. Fall has begun, fall and forever. What is to be said is this, there was a bus, a plane and a journey. There is always a journey, one going one way or another, but this time as we fly or drive away from each other some how it brings us closer. It’s a warm feeling, like the flame which has started colouring the maple leaves or the smell of pancakes whilst Bon Iver is playing. This is not a confession, it is a testimony. A testimony to a leap of faith, taking a chance, there are no nostalgic requiems of the past here. The moon no longer matters, old shadows do not reflect up on it anymore. I had all the glory of a small town girl in a big city, as we lay there, in between the here and now, a kind of destiny impinged its wings upon us. There were only a few stars, but it did not matter somehow. Here is the fond rekindling of a dream now, the ones we dared, when we sat in warm plush chairs gazing through innocent eyes at a world we saw through the window of cinema, with sweet salt clinging to our nails as we feasted on more than popcorn. We feasted on the idea of love and life itself as we saw it projected on to our being. Those dreams, we thought had played and ran out in the corridors of leaning towers, other scenes, other stars, another moon are as much alive as I am on the road to forever. Those dreams of special people, words, hearts, moving pictures, the momentous, glorious world of love, adventure and cinema comes back to us now on postcards with more than just stamps. The sun is not out, it is inside me, giving light once again to those darkened corners barricaded with ice and it’s very simple what I am talking about, what I am a witness to is how much wonder, excitement, peace and joy the idea of possibility can bring. As Marvin dies, I leave his room. Even though you and I are away from the sea, we now live with knowing that if we jump we are not alone. I smile, because fall is coming.


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