When you say nothing at all

There is a silence in the world that you will fall in love with, it is the kind of silence that speaks to you when no one else will, that you turn to for solace, for comfort, for gold and for volumes that no one else knows. It doesn’t deafen you with its quietness, while it has no words it has its own voice. You find it when you hear the melody of a guitar, quietly being played while you bustle around an apartment. When all you can hear is raspberries floating in something sparkly. Or the loveliness of unspoken words that pass when you look in your bag and see a book with the words you need at times, called “movie speak”. It’s the kind of silence you can revel in because you pulsate with wordless memories and carries you through a tough day when you enjoy remembering random things like parmesan cheese hunting and spotted pink plants. It is the kind of silence that is full of hope when you are awake and someone else is asleep and you are day dreaming about them and you go to sleep knowing they are thinking about you. It isn’t that deafening silence, where lack of words leave you speechless, it lulls you into stillness or let’s you speak, really speak and be listened to. The kind of silence that lets you sing because it has its own note. The kind of silence you want to listen to for the rest of your life, because without it you know all you will be left with is meaningless words. Because with them even silence is perfect.


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