Cosmic <3

These words are for you. I think they have always been for you. I have this dream and the guardians ask me, what is greatest feeling in the world? I reply:

“It is when the universe feels so close, like right now, almost as close as Niagara did the day it turned twilight. My world has been flipped, on its head, on its heart, on its soul. Senseless things makes sense, things that once made sense no longer need to. I like it this way. All my senses are engaged, one after the other they follow each other into a kaleidoscope of him. This reflection of colours are reflections of us melting into an autonomous anatomy of one another, in an endless pattern that is evolving. Enveloped in a memory of guitar strings, from which I hang off the moon, I can smell and taste like cinnamon and coffee, spinning into something deeper, hot and cold. My hands fire and ice, I’m tip to toe in x’s and o’s, I can kiss all maple starlight, I’m outside, but still within, my shadow about to be joined.”

The guardians know that this is the only way to describe the moment before I finally see you crossing the road, knowing I’m a minute or so away from your hand in mine, fingers entwined, walking with you to a place we call home. So they bless us and in our irises we are bathed in green and gold.


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