The Greenhouse Effect

Just off Yonge Street, at 5 Macpherson Avenue, dusted with Toronto’s winter snow, somewhere between pleasure and wellness, is an adorable cottage like building brimming with raw, 100% certified organic elixirs, that will bring your taste buds back to life.

(Courtesy: Greenhouse Juice Co.)

(Courtesy: Greenhouse Juice Co.)

At Greenhouse Juice Co. you aren’t just walking into any juice shop. There are friendly faces waiting to welcome you, excited to tell you about some truly incredible products and willing to give you as much knowledge as possible, so with every sip of juice you take, you truly appreciate what goes into the depth of the flavor you experience.

I found Greenhouse when a friend posted their Almond Milk on Instagram, and described it with the words ‘liquid gold.’ Having finally tasted it myself, I still can’t get over how delicious it is.

Greenhouse opened their doors in January. Its’ inception was last spring, when the seven founding partners, most of whom have grown up in Toronto and known each other since childhood wanted to bring cold-pressed goodness to their hometown.

Cold-pressing; unlike blending, is the best way of ensuring one gets the purist nutrient dense nectar out of any fruit or vegetable without compromising minerals and enzymes. Blending fruits and vegetables exposes them to heat, light and oxygen, three things that start to break down nutrients. It doesn’t happen immediately, so while blending at home is fine as juices are consumed quite instantly, shops selling blended products that have been sitting on the shelves might be giving you a lesser juice.

So,  Greenhouse’s nutrient rich juice, which will stay live for 72 hours, is coaxed by their cold-pressing experts with the help of three hydraulic presses and once extracted is stored in glass bottles, better for the environment and the precious liquid, as even the safest of chemicals in plastic bottles may leak toxins.

Greenhouse juices and nut milks are not compromised with pasteurization (an artificial way to extend shelf life) or high pressure processing (HPP – a method of retaining food’s natural quality and freshness whilst enhancing its microbiological shelf life). Although HPP is considered less destructive than pasteurization, Greenhouse opts out of this method as it still tampers with the natural life of the juice.

Alkaline water plays an important role in their waters and milks, made possible through an in-house alkalizing system, something that not every juice shop can offer. All of their juicing (and even their art work) is done in-house and if something isn’t available organically, they take it off the menu all together.

(Courtesy Greenhouse Juice Co.)

(Courtesy Greenhouse Juice Co.)

There are some alluring names, ‘East of Eden’ (Romaine, Kale, Celery, Apple & Lemon) – is inspired by the apples of paradise, another fun name is, ‘Rabbit, Run’ (Carrot, Apple & Ginger), which are but an echo of the creative process and collaborative effort that goes into each juice and milk. There are some really yummy surprises on the menu – one of my favourites, ‘Pink Milk’ is made with almond milk, cold-pressed beets and maple syrup. If you are feeling more adventurous, try their ginger booster, not for the faint-hearted, it adds a real kick to any juice or can be taken as a shot and leaves a lovely warm trail in its wake. Their cold-pressed apple juice is divine and the organic liquid cayenne used in one of their drinks, makes for some compelling ‘Clean-Zing’ (Alkaline Water, Lemon, Maple Syrup & Liquid Cayenne).

With each bottle of goodness that Greenhouse makes, they hope to convey that being healthy doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice. Rather it is about integrating healthy choices into one’s lifestyle and balancing pleasure with wellness. A message that really shines through, because one thing they certainly don’t compromise on is taste, each delicious recipe on their menu is a testimony to that.

As I walked away with my bag of authentic goodies, I knew I didn’t have a gimmick from yet another company trying to cash in on juice. The Greenhouse Juice Co. team is a group of dedicated individuals; that came together to give others a chance to experience what they enjoy most; pleasure and wellness that tastes and feels amazing.


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