Snack your way to good health

I enjoy snacking more than a meal. My sister and I love getting our hands on nuts, carrots and cucumbers with hummus and pieces of dark chocolate. Okay while this is all really healthy, it’s quite easy to eat your way through an entire bag of raw nuts and no one wants that, so like with all things, the key here is to eat well but not go crazy. Here are some really balanced snacks that will stop you from reaching for the chips and dip.

Brown rice cakes and avocado butter


I had forgotten about these until very recently, I think Snack-a-Jacks took over from the humble salt free ugly duckling version of this air popped rice thing and of course Snack-a-Jacks had to be the worst thing that ever happened to a rice cake.

Thinly slice one quarter of a large and incredibly ripe avocado and distribute evenly on two rice cakes. Next take a quarter of a tsp coconut oil on a knife and smash into the avocado spreading it on the the rice cake and then do the same with your second rice cake. Sprinkle with pink Himalayan salt and some black pepper.


Homemade bite size versions of Lara Bars and Nakd Bars, which I absolutely love. Get experimental, try different nuts, add dried fruit to the mix. Here is my basic version.


Blend ten pitted dates with about half a cup of almonds (you can soak them if you like), it will leave you with a choppy batter. Mix it up with your hands so you end up with a sort of dough and form small bite sized balls and cover with unsweetened coconut.

Nutty Grannies


Apples with nut butters are the best, my favourite peanut butter with a Granny Smith. I suppose almond butter is better for you though, so maybe you should use that instead. I can’t have peanuts right now anyway, hashtag, elimination detox, hashtag, ho hum.

Quick Hummus

I don’t know what my family ate at dinner before we discovered hummus. I think the thing with this one is, you feel like you are having something really luxurious. It’s not the standard fruit and vegetable snack. The basic hummus recipe (chickpeas, garlic, olive oil and tahini) is a great conduit for anything you want to add. Here is my favourite.

Blend a drained can of chickpeas with quarter cup of extra Virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic, juice of half a lemon, 2 tbsp tahini, a bunch of coriander, a 1tsp of ground cumin and 1 tsp of ground coriander.



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