Model Road Trip

The writer behind, Model Journey, shares her thoughts on “quirky” and other things

Lexa Schevchenko’s beautiful eyes and smile stay with you and she carries a dress effortlessly, with an ethereal sort of quality. A model with a decade of experience, she writes a blog sharing her work and travel experiences, beauty and skincare tips. Model Journey, really is something. You get to go on a vibrant trip into the world of modelling with stunning pictures and cool collaborations as Shevchenko’s voice leads the way. You might discover anything from a snack, to a thought or two on lust, love and marriage, or a memoir from a visit to a school in Sri Lanka. Model Journey isn’t the typical “behind the scenes” peak, it is a lot more spirited than that.

In one piece Shevchenko’s discusses how she was once told that she would lose a client if she didn’t put on weight, the exact opposite of what we’ve come to expect from the modelling industry. Shevchenko’s response was inspiring, “I’m healthy, I eat healthy and I like it, I work out once in a while or take long walks when I can. And I have always been this way…I do not diet…I had put myself on a cake and carbs diet for the past few days. But, I figured, I should just stay the way my body and I feel good. Because, if that’s what they tell people who force themselves to become skinnier in a harmful way, to love their body and stay healthy, I want that for myself too. And I can’t help it if my ‘healthy’ doesn’t match someone else’s idea of a perfect size.”

Courtesy of Lexa Schevchenko, fashion story for shot by Ulrich Knoblauch.

Courtesy of Lexa Schevchenko, fashion story for shot by Ulrich Knoblauch.

What are you up to at the moment?

Same old, working, traveling a bit, writing a blog and exploring!

Do you have any go-to wellness tips you can suggest?

Drink plenty of water. A good tip is squeeze half a lemon and have it with a bit of hot water (less than half a glass) every morning. It’s also always handy to have vitamin C in the house, like Airborne and Emergen-C, and have a few throughout the day whenever you feel like you are tired or getting a cold.

What are your favourite products and beauty rituals?

I love Estée Lauder Night Repair serums. But sometimes my skin tends to get very sensitive and I switch to more gentle products. Recently, I purchased an Aesop toner and face cream and have been happy with this organic line.

The most important thing in modelling is to learn to deal with rejection and keep your self-worth.

 What book have you read that every girl and woman should read?

I don’t believe there’s The Book but The Bible. I think it’s great to read small excerpts from it every now and again, many answers lie there.

What gives you confidence?

I would call it serenity rather than confidence. In times of stress, I remind myself that everything is in God’s hands at the end of the day and I only can do my best.

What makes you happy on a bad day?

Little things, like a favourite sweet treat, something funny on TV, and of course the most important is talking to my family and friends.

Some of Schevchenko’s beauty rituals. Photo courtesy of Lexa Schevchenko, fashion story for shot by Ulrich Knoblauch.

Some of Schevchenko’s beauty rituals. Photo courtesy of Lexa Schevchenko, fashion story for shot by Ulrich Knoblauch.

How do you keep going and glowing like a pro?

Funny and flattering the way you put it! It’s life, you’ve got to keep going and doing your best!

How do you relax when you aren’t working?

My favorite thing is spending time with my friends. I love having a girly talk over a cup of coffee, getting nails done with girlfriends and of course, shopping! A good read is always relaxing too.

Finally, what are your thoughts on the word quirky?

I guess cute and funny in an unusual way.

You can read more from Schevchenko here.

5 thoughts on “Model Road Trip

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  2. Absolutely love it!! Thank you so much my quirky princess for this beautiful post, kind words and your appreciation and interest! And patience 😉 Great, great job! All the best! xoxo

    • Dearest Lexa, so glad you like it. Your words made my day, it was so lovely to be able to write about you. Thank you for sharing with me, so worth the wait 😉 lots of warm wishes to you xo

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