Underneath the mistletoe

The other day my friend, Wendy, tweeted that Chapstick abusing season is upon us, terrible news around Christmas, given the mistletoe above our heads. Our lips require more attention than we think. They are thinner than the rest of the face and don’t have much defence against weather changes, so they will be the first to show signs of damage, by becoming chapped. Here are my top tips for smooth kissable lips all winter.



All that indoor heating, cold weather, warm coffee and holiday season drinking is playing havoc with the skin on your lips. Water is the key to glowing inside out. Just because we aren’t out in the sun all day, doesn’t mean we can skip all those glasses of water. Drink it at room temperature if it feels too cold, or try herbal teas but however you do it drink up.


Get rid of dead skin cells with this awesome natural sugar scrub. Exfoliating every couple of days will keep you from biting at flaky lips.



During the day it’s important to use a lip balm that hydrates and also protects your lips from sun and wind damage. Try this Jack Blacks one from Sephora or this Carmex cherry lip balm which has added SPF15. Keep them in your bag or pocket.


Using an intense lip treatment overnight is really important, the balm can get to work while you sleep. My favourites are Dr. Jacksons Coconut Melt and The Lip Balm by Creme de la Mer.


Eat more broccoli and almonds. Increasing riboflavin (vitamin B2) can help to keep your lips super smooth. Try my broccoli and lentil soup recipe on We Heart Living.


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