Ye Olde Tin Shed


I’ve found that every year something will consolidate the arrival of festive anticipation. It could come early or late and it isn’t always because the shops have put out the Christmas delights.

It brings your senses to life, a sniff of pine trees in the air, neighbourhood decor, seeing the Marks & Spencer’s food advert, hearing the dates for the German Christmas market, the hope for snow or the sound of carols drifting through the air. Whatever it is, every year something seals it for me, this year it was a little shop near Tudor and Cashel called The Old Tin Shed.


This little haunt has carved out a trinket haven for itself against a stunning backdrop of white on white. If you are looking for some Christmas inspiration or you just want to recapture your festive spirit be sure to stop by here at some point in the next few weeks.


Ground to ceiling is a feast for your eyes. I felt like I was in Ariel’s treasure trove or stumbling through the closet to Narnia.


There are some really lovely ideas displayed around the shop for how to bring about a tasteful Christmas feel to your home this year. I love how much attention is paid to detail and the old rustic chic feel is right up my street.


As are some of the quirkier touches, cute little one-offs that you will treasure as part of your holiday season repertoire for years to come.


You can also find things that will leave your home looking picturesque all year round, the walls and shelves are brimming with gorgeous bits and pieces.


One of my favourite touches was this fridge door with these cute little festive magnets.


It’s also a great place to do Christmas present shopping for people who just seem to have everything, because there is certainly something for everyone at The Old Tin Shed.