A Time To Renew

When the much awaited summer weather finally comes it makes an all too soon exit and in its’ wake leaves behind a sun soaked haze. As much I love summer, I enjoy it’s neighbouring season, fall, far more.

Perhaps it is something left over from school days but the beginning of September always summons the sense of a new year. While in the UK, autumn brought about back to school momentum, crispy leaves on the pavements, the faint smell of bonfires in the air and the Christmas food adverts from Marks and Spencer.

Yet, I find I anticipate fall in Canada much more. Labour Day holiday, waiting for trees to turn, Thanksgiving, Nuit Blanche, Halloween, the first of the cold weather, pre-Awards film season and the run-up to Christmas. No matter where, this precious season offers a time for renewal.

Perhaps that is why the hubby and I decided to embark on a 21 day adventure in the form of Doctor Junger’s elimination detox. The past few months took away all sense of routine and virtue, the much needed visitors and sun called for BBQ’d meats, hours on patios for the World Cup, lavish picnics, ice creams on warm late nights and all other sins that are thoroughly enjoyed in warm weather.

So today was the first day of our detox. We started the morning with a smoothie, mine was my usual green go to with the additions of wheatgrass and chlorophyll and I finally convinced Ahmed to drink non-dairy milk in the form of a chocolate milkshake. Little did he know he was actually drinking a Paleo inspired superfood smoothie.

To serve one, blend 1.5 cups of unsweetened coconut and almond milk with just over a half scoop of chocolate Vega protein, 1 tsp raw cacao power, quarter of an avocado, 2tsp coconut oil and 1-2tsp organic coconut sugar (optional). You can add little water for a thinner consistency.

We made a load of our coconut lentils without tomatoes (recipe coming soon) and enjoyed some chicken rubbed down with Moroccan spices on a bed of spinach for lunch.

Here are three healthy tips to get you on your way:

Drink a mug of lemon and hot water first thing.

Swap table salt for pink Himalayan salt. It’s really not a gimmick, after giving up salt, we find, that whenever we’ve consumed it whilst eating out or something, the next day we feel terrible.

Adding an avocado to anything, smoothie, a healthy dessert (chocolate mousse), brown rice crackers, salad or meal instantly makes it decadent and nutritious.


Oh and cheers to you all, it’s good to be back.


If Only Cupid Were Quirky Too

It began as a young teen, when I saved up all my pocket money to buy a crush what I thought was the greatest present ever, a teddy bear, a card with hearts and a box of chocolates (I may even have thrown in a rose, though I can’t really remember). In those days, our high school had a gift delivery system, you would give your present and the name of your crush to the service and they would see that your package reached the recipient.

In our last lesson of the day, the ‘giftogram’ shows up, by this point it is me who is crushed when my Valentine is mortified by the sentiment and the whole class erupts with mockery. It was a disaster waiting to happen; the impressionable broken hearted young girl that I was, couldn’t have known that, what with all the advertised promises that 14th of February brings.

After the failed endeavors of the past, in recent years, I’ve developed a much healthier attitude to celebrating the 14th of February away from heart shaped chocolates, red champagne flutes and oyster shaped petri dishes. The moral of the story is not to put so much pressure on one day and to relax, it’s not the end of the world, it is just Valentine’s Day (I say while dedicating a blog to it).

If you are looking to mark the day, by celebrating yourself, your loved one or your friends, here are some healthy ways to do it that are sure to go beyond just one day of the year!  

May your Valentine be healthy and happy, except for you Cupid!     

For the love of food – Eating the Alkaline Way by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson

It’s no secret that I’m a foodie but going to a restaurant on Valentines Day is not for me. My evolving love affair with food this year is all about being Honestly Healthy, so I gifted myself the book. If your beloved is also a food lover, this book is a real treat, full of delicious healthy mouthwatering recipes that you can enjoy all year round. For a night of food and passion, why not cook up some Tomato, Coconut and Chilli Soup for starters, Red Rice and Beet Risotto for a main course and try some chocolate mousse for dessert?


Don’t forget the roses and bubbly – Jo Malone Red Roses Bath and Hand Wash

Everyone loves roses and bubbly for a romantic occasion, but why not indulge in it a little differently? I got hooked on to Jo Malone a few years ago when one of my best friends was getting married; the beautiful scents from that day have stayed with me. The Red Roses collection by Jo Malone is a blend of the world’s most exquisite roses; this fragrant bouquet lives up to the promise of a rich and memorable lather.

It’s the little things that count – Aveda New Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil

Sometimes, a little something will go a long way! Usually when at the Aveda store or institute I’m unable to resist their delicious licorice root tea this time, the girl doing my hair treated my ends to a few drops of this oil and of course I’m now hooked on this. For lasting soft shiny hair, that’s silicone free, this loving remedy leaves one head over heels.

Not just for a day – Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole

A loving aunt and uncle knew they were doing when they gave us one of these as a wedding gift. They told us it was perfect for all our future at home gourmet adventures and how right they were. The Le Creuset pink cast iron round casserole may be limited edition but it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For the games we don’t play – Playstation 4

To my awesome husband, please buy me one 😉