Chocolate & Strawberry Xmas Kisses

We were all quite surprised by the depth of this sauce. I put it down to the coconut sugar, which has a natural caramel taste to it.

Plenty of people love the flavour combination of strawberries and chocolate. That is why this platter of strawberries with a beautiful chocolate and caramel sauce will be highlight at your shindig. It’s a simple but elegant dessert, a great note to end your evening on or welcome the New Year with. It’s refined sugar free, so you know, bonus. Full of antioxidants, this glowing recipe doesn’t have empty calories.

Ahmed dipped some strawberries in the sauce and popped them in the freezer to set and yes, chocolate and strawberries are always fun, so if they don’t all disappear, you know what to do with the leftovers, enjoy them with someone special underneath the mistletoe.


Serves 4-6

½ cup of coconut sugar
½ cup of water
1tbsp coconut oil
½tbsp cacao powder
1 cup of coconut milk
1tsp vanilla essence
¼tsp Himalayan pink salt
Pinch of cinnamon

In a small pan, on a medium heat bring the sugar, water and coconut oil to a rolling boil and immediately dissolved the cacao powder into it.

Add the coconut milk and vanilla and continue simmer. Add pink salt and cinnamon.

Keep simmering the sauce down until it is thick and glossy. It will take about 20-30 minutes.

Poke toothpicks into your strawberries and arrange them on a platter, serve with the sauce once it has cooled.


Winter Wonderland Haven

Winding down at the end of a day with a hot cup of tea and candle whilst listening to a Songza playlist is the most relaxing thing in the world. There is no better time for it, a flickering flame, the sun going down and the reflection of fairy lights brightening on your window.

Around Christmas though, my usual pot of peppermint just won’t do. Especially when there is a hint of mulled spice lingering in the cold air, smelt while walking through cities transformed into winter wonderlands by chestnuts roasting, snow falling, magical window displays and whiffs of steaming hot festive liquids escaping through open coffee shop doors.

One wants a spicy steep just as one wants to be lulled into it’s bliss afterwards. So then, nothing better than some cold-pressed apple juice warmed up with clove, allspice, cinnamon and star anise. If you are in the Toronto area, grab some from Greenhouse Juice Co. and create a haven for yourself with this warm brew.


Serves One

1 cup cold-pressed apple juice
1 liquorice teabag
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 star anise
1 clove
1 allspice
1 stick cinnamon
A couple of thin apple wedges

Put all your ingredients in small sauce pan on a gentle heat.

Warm up the juice, until it gives off steam. Lower the heat and continue to let brew for a few minutes before serving in your favourite teacup.

Shake it up

Think pancakes are just for the weekend? Think again, shake up your morning protein routine with this quick ten minute fix. Everyone needs a treat midweek, this is perfect and of course, it’s healthy and healing, bla bla bla, you know me and my food well enough by now!

If you are always in a rush in the mornings throw them into a container with your favourite toppings and munch away for elevenses.


Makes 6 small pancakes

A little sunflower oil for greasing
1 organic egg
Half a cup of non-dairy milk
1/2 scoop protein powder (I used Vega chocolate protein)
3tbsp of buckwheat flour
1/4tsp baking powder

Toppings: try bananas, berries, raw chocolate sauce, coconut yoghurt, homemade apple sauce, maple syrup and granola…

Grease a non-stick frying pan with some sunflower oil and get it on a medium heat so it gets nice and hot.

In your bullet or blender throw in the egg, protein powder, half a cup of milk, buckwheat flour, 1/4tsp baking soda and whizz away until it is smooth and glossy.

Cook your pancakes by pouring a little batter into the hot frying pan. Once the top has bubbled and looks set flip it over. Repeat until all the batter is used up or you have the desired number of pancakes. Which ever comes first.

Top Tip: You can prepare your batter the night before to save even more time in the morning. (Seriously though, how busy are you?)