Quirky Xmas Chic

It all got a bit Christmassy at home last night. The 25th of December has always been about family traditions. Back home on the Isle of Man, that meant spending the day with family and close family friends.

We alway did the same but it never lost it’s joy, Christmas lunch with Auntie Mercy and Namita, then off to Auntie Kate and Uncle John’s (my English grandparents) for the evening. I love everything about Christmas but one of my favourite moments every year was always picking out a decoration for Auntie Kate. I don’t even know how or when this tradition started but every year my sister and I would gift her one we had carefully selected. Auntie Kate treasures them for the very same reason that we treasure giving them to her.

This year I wanted to start my own holiday traditions with Ahmed to be shared and cherished for years to come. Given that Christmas decorations have always been something I’ve treasured, I thought we could start making our own. Although they don’t cost much to make, they are priceless because fond memories become attached to them.

We went with a rustic chic theme and all of these are really easy to make and so beautiful. I didn’t follow any guidelines, we got inspired, employed some imagination and went for it.

Button Bauble


I picked up some styrofoam baubles, covered it by gluing buttons and pearls. I attached the string with an eyelid screw.

Paper Mâché Baubles


Can’t take the credit for making these, the hubby unleashed his inner child by creating paper mâché baubles. Make it sophisticated by using old fashion magazines and books for your mix. To my hubby’s horror the silver and gold glitter and was all me, he managed to save a couple from being sparkled.

Classy Disco Bauble


The stars are glam but pearls are a classic, that’s why this decoration will never go out of style.

Elevated Ornaments


I saw these cute little things in the dollar store and loved the seal, I changed the string to give them a rustic touch.

Stylish Snowman


No Christmas is complete without the iconic nostalgia of The Snowman film. These decorations remind me of my childhood and the dream that snowmen live.

Bottling Festive Spirit


All things festive captured in a little bottle and turned into these stunning keepsake decorations. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.