Once upon a time, luxurious soups meant butter and cream. These days I have found ways to combine luxury and health, without worrying about what’s what.

Making changes to my lifestyle like omitting dairy and salt has allowed me to be creative in ways I never was. Everyday I try something new, it doesn’t always work out but that is just another opportunity to try again. While in this instance I talk about food, perhaps the way we approach our daily nourishment is mirrored in our appetite for life. The principles of endeavour that I talk about with cooking and eating can easily be applied else where.

This new perspective, began just a little over a year ago, with some green juices and a batch of healthy muffins, has changed my lifestyle significantly, my relationship with myself and my world. When you are tired and want to take the easy way out, pushing yourself to cook something that will do wonders for you is a small triumph to relish in.

Because the next time I feel like I can’t make a small leap, going beyond food now, perhaps I do, if only because I nurtured myself the night before with good food or learnt something about myself by making that meal. Through this journey I have met a community of people so inspiring, all of us nurturing ourselves and making a kind of art that can be felt, smelt, touched and tasted is really quite incredible.

It has been a therapeutic session in my quirky kitchen. Clearly a lot can happen over a bowl of soup, I wonder what thoughts you will experience whilst you whip up this food for the soul, given that I believe what you think about you bring about. I hope they lead you to live happily ever after.

Ps. The soup itself is creamy, filling and a glowing choice for winter. This is a good one for Thanksgiving.


1 leek, sliced thinly and green part removed
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 cube Go Bio Organic , prepared according to packet instructions
2tsp Herbs de Provence
1/8tsp cayenne
1/4tsp nutmeg
1/4tsp cinnamon
2 cups broccoli, florets and stalks
1 sweet potato, cut into chunks (I left the skin on mine)
1 can of coconut milk

To serve: freshly ground black pepper and some chopped coriander (optional)

Sauté leeks and garlic, if it starts to dry out, add a couple of tablespoons of stock.

Once the leeks have soften, add the dry herbs and spices, give it a quick stir and throw in the broccoli and sweet potato. Sauté until the sweet potatoes begin to sweat, again if it starts to dry out add a couple of tablespoons of stock.

Pour the remaining stock and coconut milk into the pan now, bring to a boil and simmer until the sweet potatoes and broccoli stalks are super soft and tender.

Blitz in the blender and serve with some freshly ground black pepper and coriander.